Friday, April 25, 2014

Castor Oil Packs and The Benefits

Do you guys know how to make castor oil packs? I truly love using the packs to relieve some minor pains and diseases. These are usually a pack of cold compressed castor oil and layered pieces of flannel. Castor oil packs are used for muscle pains, arthritis or rheumatism, itching, swelling, abdominal cramps, menstruation cramps, lymph circulation, liver detoxification, headaches, migraines, gallstones, urinary tract infection and lung diseases.

Those are only a few of the castor pack can do with the body. It goes deep within the body as heated, resulting into a natural cure of severe illnesses, relaxing the body, resulting blood circulation well, unclogs blockages, melting unwanted tumors or cancers and healing without surgeries in some cases.

These can be bought on medical stores or manually handmade at home. I usually made mine. How do I make one? It's very easy. I'll show you how! First, prepare the following materials :
  1. Castor oil
  2. Clean cotton cloth, flannel or wool cloth
  3. Heating pad or hot bottled water
  4. Large, clean towel
  5. Any flat,deep container to fit the pads made, or bowl, it will be use in soaking with castor oil
  6. Clean unused cloth, old cloth to absorb stain just in case
  7. Huge plastic,garbage plastic bag will do, zipped lock plastic
  8. Baking soda
Now, here's how what you can do with the packs : 
  1. First, wear old clothes. 
  2. Second, prepare the cloth or flannel pads, bowl and castor oil. Put the pads in the bowl and pour the oil,make sure it absorbs the oil. 
  3. Then, use the garbage plastic bag as a cover on sofa, couch or floor. Lie on the floor, put the castor oil pad into the affected area. 
  4. Cover it with plastic to preserve heat. Hot water bottle or heating pad is then placed over the plastic. Let it stay for an hour. 
  5. Do the reading,watching television or resting while waiting for the time. Check the clothes, the towel or the garbage plastic used as bedding. It serves as protection from staining. 
  6. Finally, remove the pads, do not throw it, put in a clean zipped lock plastic and refrigerate afterwards. It can be used in the next sessions. 
  7. Take off clothes if stained, clean the area with water and baking soda. Just add a teaspoon of castor oil in the next session. 
Below are some of my quick tips to position the castor oil pack:

1. Put the castor oil pack on the right side of the abdomen for liver detoxification.
2. Place the pack over abdominal area for constipation and abdominal cramps
3. Place on the lower abdomen for urinary diseases,infections,menstrual cramps, ovarian cysts or tumors.
4. Damp directly on the swollen area of the body.
5. Sit the pack at the lower back for back pain.
6. Apply at the back for lung diseases minor treatment.

Detoxification Using Castor Oil Pack 
There are huge number of healthy people who takes care of their bodies in eating, doing activities and regimens. Aside from regular exercises, healthy eating habits, the use of castor oil pack for detoxification is now a part of healthy regimen. They use it for liver detox. We all know that liver is an important organ in the body. It regulates blood circulation, stores body energy, regulate hormones, and detoxifier for fats entering in the body. It releases toxins and relaxes the liver as it restores energy while on castor oil pack. It levels blood sugar, hormonal balance, boosts immune system and offers better digestion.

It is done same as other castor oil pack as used. It is placed directly on the affected area, covered with plastic and heated with bottled hot water or heating pad seated above it to warmth the pack. It is done 45 to 60 minutes. The detoxification is done sometimes three times a week. Detoxifiers are refreshed and alive after the process they said.

Lung Detoxification
The lungs plays an important role in the body aside from the heart. When we suffer from colds or flu, the lungs tightens and getting weak. There are certain times that lungs' nerves and tissues looks or feels fine but internally in that tissue is an inflamed one. It causes bronchopneumonia, pneumonia, asthma or severe cases as COPD or lung cancer. What castor oil pack can do is the same as the other detoxification processes. Placing the pack at the back, where lungs are located. Ask someone to assist on this process. The position can be seated, or face the bed,couch or floor, of course with towel or plastic to avoid staining. Then put plastic at the back to cover the cloth, and place heating pad above it to create warmth. It relaxes the tissues as it releases toxins irritating the lungs. This is also for an hour and can be repeated 3 to 5 times a week safely.

Tumor Detoxification
Place the cloth with castor oil in the affected area,cover with plastic,warmth with hot bottled water overheating pad. Check if the hotness can be tolerated. Do it 3 to 5 times a week. There is a belief that these tumors are just excess fats grown in one place, or dirt or toxins. With the use of castor oil pack, it can diminish the toxins because it detoxify, it melts the dirt and can hep tumor subside. This is not in all cases. Have a check up, it is always recommended for safety and fast solution.

There are other cases that detoxification are not allowed due to health issues that may affect their cases or body status. Few health organizations conduct a castor oil pack detox for free in some places for knowledge and to apply at home for mild cases. They are warned in using it before anything else that is why it goes with a demo seminar.

Ancient beliefs in using the castor oil pack is very useful and beneficial until today. Practitioners even made it more easier to have, they are now sold in the market, packed and sealed. I believe castor oil packs are very handy and easy to use.


  1. Wow. I'm gonna try this method! Thanks for sharing.

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