About Me

안녕하세요! HELLO!!~ 

Welcome to my page.
The name is Bonnie. Last name Kwon.
I am from Busan, South Korea.
But I've been living in the US for a while now.
I was born in 1988. Do the Math for my age, ne ^_^

The reason why I created this blog is because of my deep love for castor oil and beauty topics. I've been using castor oil for over a year now. It helps to treat my serious acne problems.

I've been in and out of skin care clinics and was once told that I would forever be living with my acne. That hurt my pride and heart. But after a friend told me about castor oil, I tried it and I was very happy I did!

Any questions can be sent to my personal email at bonnie.kwon@yahoo.com and I'll be glad to reply to them. Stay pretty, people! ^^,

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